Rules of Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams

“Your winning chances will be higher if you are well equipped with basic rules of the Mega Fortune Dreams slot game, which are unveiled herein!”

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When you are a millionaire, life is considered a beautiful dream, which is exactly what you can achieve when you play the Mega Fortune Dreams slot game and a little bit of luck is on your side. With the back-end of a luxury yacht, exotic fruit champagne cocktails, and relaxing lounge background music, then how can you dare not fall in love with the hyped dream of luxury? Especially when that high life luxury is perfectly displayed on your mobile phone or tablet?

Typically, the former Mega Fortune slot game brought luxurious theme in spades, but it seems the latter version is trying to do it a notch higher. If the former was all about an esthetic trip to the French Riviera, the newer version (Mega Fortune Dreams) is all about owning a private island in the Caribbean Sea. Besides that, you are in for chance of winning big prizes including any one of the three jackpots. In general, the above slot game is about more dreams, more fortunes, and of course, more money.


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Basic Rules for Mega Fortune Dreams

That being said, it seems you are more ready to start grabbing prizes and jackpots! But, wait a moment; there are still some few facts you need to know. It has been known that many online slot gamers are eyeing for big prizes and jackpots upon signing up. However, truth be told, winning any slot games is not all the easy; it needs determination, patience, and strict adherence to game rules.

As a matter of fact, your winning chances will be higher if you are well equipped with basic rules of the game, which are unveiled herein.Typically, before you start playing in any slot game, it is highly advisable that you select the most reputable casino site, which is no exceptional when you need to play the Mega Fortune Dreams. Otherwise, here are some of the basic rules of the above slot game:

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For first timers, start playing for free using trial version of the game to learn how the game is played and how it works

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Play the Mega Fortune Dreams slot on 1 to 2o bet lines at 1 to 4 bet levels

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Choose between auto-play and manual spinning mode

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Both coin values and bet levels are adjustable and winning bet lines are formed by at least three matching symbols on a bet line and on an adjacent reel from the outmost left to the right

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The theoretical payout of the Mega Fortune Dreams slot game is 96.4 %

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Always use special game features of the slot to increase your winning chances: wilds, scatters, re-spins, multipliers, and a Bonus game

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Any of the jackpots can only be won when playing with wheels symbols

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The Mega Jackpot can only be won when playing with all 20-bet lines activated

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Always refer to the Win Plan/Pay Table to see a complete breakdown of the worth of each symbol

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Some game features are not available when playing on Free Trial mode

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No cash winnings awarded even if you win when playing on Free Trial mode. Only real cash winnings when playing with real money

Now that you know some of the basic rules of the game, it is the time to give it a trial. Indeed, your chances of winning prizes are a little bit higher if game rules are at your fingertips! 

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