How to play Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams

“Learn how the game works and you will have a big chance to win the mega jackpot!!”

Mega fortune dreams slot netent

Mega Fortune Dreams slot game offers you an excellent opportunity to win big prizes and even multi-million jackpots while playing the glitzy reels with fun extra in-play features. Currently, it is one of the leading slot games offering the most publicized and popular progressive jackpot online.

Netent’s Mega Fortune Dreams slot game is basically an improved version of the original Mega Fortune. It features a modern and warmer design as well as glitzy glamorous appearance. In general, both of the slots are among the top progressive slots currently available online and they are highly applauded for offering overnight multimillion win designed to demonstrate life-changing effects.

If you are a first timer in playing Mega Fortune Dreams slot game, you might think that upon login into the account, you will start winning prizes right away. No, it entails a little bit of learning some few tricks of how to play the game and eventually emerging with wins. Naturally, you need to play to win. Otherwise, you will spend the whole year in slots losing lots of cash with no returns if you are not familiar on how play. Well, if that been your concern, then you have the solution addressed herein.

Mega fortune dreams roundel

Guide about how to play Mega Fortune Dreams


Choose the right online casino

Before you start playing, it is assumed that you have chosen the most reputable casino site offering Netent’s Mega Fortune Dreams slot game. Indeed, this should not be challenge since many casino sites offering the above game are known and widely reviewed on the net.


Bet levels & Settings

To get start, you simply need to set the slot up to the settings that you prefer and are comfortable playing with. You can choose the play using the normal spin or engage the Auto-Spin mode. Under normal spins, you are required to set up the slot with the right bet levels, commonly between one, four, and twenty bet lines. Another thing that you need to know is that there are seven different coin values to choose from, ranging from 0.01 pounds up to 1.00 pounds.


Winning combinations

Upon login into the site, you will realize that the above slot game is designed with three rows, five reels, and twenty fixed pay lines. Also, the icons on the reels signify all sorts of luxury items including champagne bottles, expensive watches, diamonds, and diamond encrusted playing card icons (A, J, K, and Q). Besides that, you should notice that at the top of screen/slot, the standing amounts of all the three main progressive jackpots are clearly displayed, which is perhaps what you are aiming for.


Bonus game

Besides normal spinning, you can increase your chances of winning big prizes if you play with special symbols and take advantage of the bonus games. The symbols of interest include wild icons, scatters and free spins, and wheel icons (bonus game symbol).


Bet value

When you multiply the bet lines with bet levels as well as coin value, you can precisely work pit the maximum and minimum bets per spin when playing the above slot game. Generally, the minimum bet value per spin is 0.20 pounds while the maximum is 80 pounds.

Once you are set up and ready, you simply need to press the large spin button located in the middle of the screen and aim for one of the three progressive jackpots waiting to be won. Besides, you can win any other prizes. Now that you know how to play, it is our pleasure to wish you good luck!

Try Mega Fortune Dreams for free!

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