Features of Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams

“When playing Fortune Dreams, you are amazed with several gorgeous features, which are also present in the recent version, although better, clearer, and advanced”

Mega fortune dreams features

Mega Fortune Dreams slot game is considered as follow-up on one of the most famous online slot games, popularly known as Mega Fortune. The above game takes you on a luxurious slots voyage on an aesthetic yacht filled with everything famous and rich. Overall, the enhanced version looks a lot more modern and it is bundled with better features than the former.

If you are fun of slots, it is not doubtable that you have ever tried the Mega Fortune. When playing it, you are amazed with several gorgeous features, which are also present in the recent version, although better, clearer, and advanced. However, for first timers, playing the slot games can be a little bit confusing. This is because are a rookie and the fact that you are unfamiliar with many features. It is even worst when you are trying to play a slot game with many similar features like as in the case with Mega Fortune Dreams slot.

Therefore, as a beginner, it is inevitable that you need to learn and understand some of the basic features of the game. Although you are going to get equipped with many other features along the way, as far as the above slot game is concerned, the following are some of fundamental features you need to know at a glance:

Blue Diamond


Blue diamond

Scatter, wild, and bonus game features


Unlike other slot games, the chances of winning different prize categories in Mega Fortune Dreams slot game is relatively higher due to scatter, wild, and bonus game feature. In most cases, when spinning the reels, you can be lucky to land on special symbols, which can any of the above mentioned. Wild feature plays the role of “jokers” of slot games, and they can substitute any other symbols on the reels except scatter and wild. Scatter features usually give out free spins, re-spins, and cash prizes. Bonus features are usually the most exciting symbols to land on simply because of their rewards. In the above slot game, getting at least three bonus symbols is straight gateway to the jackpot mode.

Mega fortune dreams features
Blue diamond

Mega Fortune Dreams layout features


As soon as you login into Mega Fortune Dreams site, the layout features the traditional three rows, five reels, and twenty bet lines. The game is set on a big beautiful floating ocean yacht on the Caribbean Sea. There are several symbols you are going to see, which include fancy watches, palm trees, diamond rings, glasses of champagne, diamond studded clutch, diamond studded numbers & letters, and much more. At the background, you will hear highlife music and sounds filling the air while playing. All these site design features are meant to give players a world-class gaming experience.

Blue diamond

Progressive jackpot feature


Just like its predecessor, the Mega Fortune Dreams slot game features brilliant progressive jackpots. It is pooled, meaning every second that ticks by, the jackpot grows up and higher. In other words, every time a gamer plays on any given slot site, a small amount of bet money is shaved off to contribute to the progressive jackpot pool. The good news is that, the above slot game features at least three jackpots, namely Rapid, Major, and Mega.

The list of the features for Mega Fortune Dreams is just endless, but the above are just but a few. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you know the basic aforementioned features so that you beep up your chances of winning big! 

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