Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot slot

The new version of the former incredibly popular Mega Fortune slot game holds the record of awarding the highest jackpot ever!

Mega fortune dreams jackpot slot
Mega fortune dreams symbols

For over a whole century now, slots games have managed to remain the cornerstone of gambling industry across the globe. It has been so and will remain so for many years to come due to one most simple reason: no skills or critical mental engagement required, yet as a player (rookie or professional), you can still walk away with huge payouts after hitting the winning combinations or jackpot. Besides that, from all the several online video slots out there in different casino sites, progressive jackpot slot games remain lucrative and one of the most popular types. As the curtains opens, let’s talk about one of the classic slot games currently rocking the industry with unbelievable offers: Netent’s Mega Fortune Dreams.

Mega Fortune Dreams mega jackpot wheel

In the recent past, the Mega Fortune slot was all over in the news unveiling its record triple jackpots. Shortly after the release of theexcellent jackpots, it quickly gained a large fan following when it crowned one winner with one of the record highest won jackpot in the history of gambling industry. As such, the appetite of online gamers and their hunger for more and more similar jackpots resulted in Net Entertainment coming out eccentrically with another hyped slot game, popularly known as Mega Fortune Dreams. As the name literally suggest, it promises to fulfill the dreams of all its gamers to become millionaires! There is no doubt that there’s any other slot game that contains a life changing prizes and progressive jackpot than the above slot game.

The Mega Fortune Dreams slot is the newly transformed version of the former incredibly popular Mega Fortune slot game, which up to now holds the record of awarding the highest jackpot ever. All online casino sites powered by the genius Net Entertainment software will now have to choose whether to offer this ultra-modern Mega Fortune Dreams slot or the original Mega Fortune slot, but the truth of the matter is that they cannot offer both. In any case, many punters would prefer the newer version!

The entire site is dedicated to what most slot gamers call “Millionaire Makers,’ and the above slot game is not exceptional. It is worth noting that Mega Fortune Dreams slot was launched and released in mid-2014. Upon its release, it was designed and expected to carry the torch of the popular former Mega Fortune. Although it is not easy to distinguish the duo, the main difference is clear when you look at the design layout: the latter is far softer and echoes tropical holidays and Caribbean azures.

Palm trees

Layout Design & Graphics

Just like it its former, the new Mega Fortune Dreams slot continues with diamonds and luxurious lifestyle theme in equally flamboyant and extravagant fashion. Actually, there is no other slot game offering the same degree of pure luxury and lavish style like the above slot game. In general, about the theme, it is luxurious but the graphics are much clearer and sharper than that presented by its predecessor. Its reels are set on board a yacht, floating lavishly and peacefully in the Caribbean Sea. As if that is not enough, the slot features a series of opulent symbols and icons presented on the effortlessly gliding reels.

Some of the most visible highlife symbols include magnums of champagne; diamond encrusted handbags, diamond rings, martini cocktails, expensive watches, palm trees, and diamante-encrusted numbers. As many would expect from an improved version, Mega Fortune Dreams slot has been designed to meet high standards. The above slot is improved visually in many different ways, although this could be rather a subjective matter. All its symbols are much clearer and well polished, while bonus game and winning spins are met with the approximate glam and glitz with animations to the match the splendor of the luxurious theme. Besides that, the relaxing lounge music and sound effects make the experience a little more attractive and wholesome.

Mega fortune dreams jackpot slot symbols
Mega fortune dreams scatter

Bonus Features & Symbols

The Mega Fortune Dreams game is much like the traditional three rows, five reels, and twenty pay lines slot games. The bet amount of the above slot game ranges from as low as 0.2 pounds to 80 pounds per spin. As earlier mentioned, Mage Fortune Dreams offers one of the excellent jackpots, which can be won anytime anywhere during betting sessions. The details of the jackpot is almost similar to that of its predecessor; it has three jackpots namely Rapid, Major, and Mega Jackpots. It should be noted that Mega is the highest jackpot being eyed by many gamers, while the Rapid is the lowest jackpot.

Aside from Jackpots, the Mega fortune dreams slot game offers other bonuses that increase the chances of winning big prizes while playing. These include features like scatter symbols, wild symbols, multipliers, and free spins. It is now the time to make your dreams come valid and true! The jackpots and fancy bets aside the mammoth experience of playing Netent’s Mega Fortune Dreams slot is also dreamy with an esthetic holiday setting of swinging palm trees. The improved graphics, fancy highlighted symbols, and change of theme from its former make current version slot a treat to play.